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A place for all people to build bridges toward new understandings, new relationships and new opportunity.

The Burlington Quaker Meeting House and Center for Conference (BMHCC) is a focal point of community events, spiritual growth, and educational experiences for young and old alike. It is a multi-use meeting and gathering place for events such as conferences, retreats, school events, outings, professional meetings, reunions, weddings, day and overnight events.

Quaker Friends are a unique people with architecture for outreach, equality, peace and social responsibility in our country’s history that spans more than three centuries.


What are “Quakers”? Quakers are: an active, involved faith-based community living in the modern world. We are a diverse people who continue our traditional testimonies of pacifism, social equality, integrity, and simplicity, which we interpret and express in a variety of ways.

Equal treatment of women and men is an accepted practice because Quakers believe all people have the potential to receive spiritual leadings and are equal in the eyes of God.

Because Quakers believe in the common humanity of all races, race relations are an active concern of Friends in America.

Quakers encourage participation of young people in all aspects of the life of our faith community as a form of nurture.

Social Justice/Responsibility

Quakers aid the nonviolent efforts of the exploited to attain self-determination and social political and economic justice.  This mission often requires persuading exploiters, some of whom may be Quakers, to change, their ways, not only for the sake of the exploited, but also to strengthen their own goodness.


In a world torn by strife and violence, our peace testimony expresses Friends’ commitment to love and respect all persons and to overcome evil with good. We avoid not only physical violence, but also more subtle forms–psychological, economic, or institutional.

In our own lives Friends see conflict as an opportunity for loving engagement with those with whom we disagree. Love can be manifested by acknowledging the sincerity of the other, while forthrightly, expressing our own convictions.


Today, many Friends include stewardship of our planet as one of our testimonies.

Friends examine decisions about obtaining, holding and using money and other assets, to see whether we find in them the seeds of self-indulgence, injustice, conflict, or ecological disaster.

Burlington Meeting House “Worship Group”

The “Worship Group” under the care of Trenton Monthly Meeting invites you to join us on Sundays at 10 a.m. for forty-five minutes of quiet reflection and meditation. The First Sunday of every month, at the “Rise of Meeting,” Friends join together for coffee and fellowship.