Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. — Hosted by the Welcoming Families & Children Committee, Haddonfield Quarterly Meeting, with support from the PYM Membership Granting Group

Calling all parents, grandparents, and children’s caregivers, those responsible for religious education, and those who want to celebrate and nurture the children in our community!

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION by Zachary Dutton, Associate Secretary for Program and Religious Life: Nurturing the Spirit in Children and Adults

WORKSHOPS: Service Projects, Innovations in FDS teaching, Building Mentoring Relationships, Unexpected Growth in the Spirit. (See other side for details)



To Join Us:
1) $10 check or cash at the door.
2) Email with:
# people for lunch (please note any dietary concerns / preferences)
First preference for workshops: __Service/__Teaching/__Mentoring/__Growth
Second preference for workshops: __Service/__Teaching/__Mentoring/__Growth
Meeting/School/Group/Place of Worship


Our Keynote Presenter Zachary Dutton has been PYM’s Associate Secretary for Program and Religious Life since 2014. He previously served as the Coordinator for Western Quarterly Meeting and Co-Clerk of the PYM Young Adult Friends Working Group. Earlier, Zachary studied at Haverford College and Harvard Divinity School.


Seeking and Maintaining Mentor Relationships
What roles can individuals and Meetings play in matching parents or children with mentors? In preparation for being in a mentoring relationship, what do we know about ourselves that may be helpful to articulate when starting this relationship? What can we do to assure the relationship can be sustained over a period of time?
Greta Rech, is a member of Kennett Meeting and a leader in Religious Education. She was formerly the Western Quarterly staff person.
Rose Ketterer, a member of Newton Meeting in Camden and former clerk of Haddonfield Quarter, has been involved in Religious Education for many years.


Refreshing and Renewing our First Day Schools
What are some new approaches to planning vibrant and engaging Religious Education activities in the meeting? This workshop will be helpful to those who have been involved in religious education over the years, and those who are just starting. Resources will be suggested for renewing the Spirit.
Marty Smith is clerk for Haddonfield Quarter’s Welcoming Young Families and Children Committee. A member of Moorestown Meeting, she offers classes on parenting drawing on Quaker beliefs. She was previously the Director of Religious Education for PYM.
Rich Cleaver has been teaching Middle School students on First Day at Moorestown for a decade.


Spiritual Growth in Unexpected Places
Using a worship sharing framework, participants will reflect on times – perhaps difficult and painful – when they experienced spiritual growth. Common experiences often emerge from this kind of conversation; participants learn from each other leading to further spiritual insights.
Josh Ponter is a member of Haddonfield Monthly Meeting and Haddonfield Quarter’s Welcoming Young Families and Children Committee. He will facilitate the worship sharing and discussion.
Rita Varley, a member of Central Philadelphia MM and PYM librarian, will introduce resource materials and curriculum to address some of the topics arising from the conversation.


Service Opportunities to Strengthen Community
Service projects can help to build personal relationships and strengthen the intergenerational community. This workshop will begin with advice on how to plan and lead good service projects, and conclude with a discussion of how we can participate in the service projects of other meetings.
Mark Dribble is the CEO of YMCA Camp Ockanickon.
Robin Morrow is a graphic designer, Haddonfield Friends School Board Trustee, and an alumni of Haddonfield and Moorestown Friends Schools.

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