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All parking is free.

There is 1 ADA Van Accessible space on the property at the far end of the driveway as well as a ramp to the main entrance.

There are 4 regular parking spaces on the property at the far end of the driveway. These are usually taken up by event organizers.

There are public spaces on either side of High St., but not directly in front of the Meeting House. 

It’s not official, but you can try parking in only the middle lot off Ellis Ln.

**There are 230 spaces in a public lot accessible by the driveway across High St. from the Meeting House.**

Main Entrance

The main entrance is on the left-hand, driveway-side of the building, about halfway down the driveway, at the near-end of the patio, through the double, metal doors.

Exiting Driveway

Upon exiting the driveway, proceed very slowly as you will cross the public sidewalk before reaching the road.